The price of real estate and, in particular land has increased rapidly in the last five years because of the fast development of the country. Land prices have increased between 10 and 100 % annualy depending on location. The Global Property Guide shows that the land price on average in Cambodia’s cities is $2,900 per square metre (In Thailand it is $3,900, in India it is $10, 900, in China it is $11,800 and in Hong Kong it is a whopping $28,500 per square metre, so Cambodia still have huge potential for growth.

The land price was as little as $30 (2014) rising to $3,500 per square metre (2019) on popular roads and $20 to $2,000 per square metre on less favourable ones.

To 2030, the demand for new houses is estimated to be 1,1 million homes, according to the Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction Ministry.

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