Cambodia, located between Thailand and Vietnam is an highly attractive business and tourism destination.

TripAdvisor, announced Cambodian Angkor Wat the winners of its Travellers’ Choice awards 2017 and 2019 for Landmarks in the World.
One of the biggest jewels of South East Asia, Cambodia is a country of friendly, smiling people, wildlife, nature, freedom and fastest growing economy in Asia. Great place for investments, business and travel. Welcome to Cambodia!

By conducting active investment activities and a few companies in Cambodia, we have an excellent team of lawyers, accountants and advisors. We are able to help in establishing a company, keep accounting, and support the investment process.


From April 2020, we started a professional Hass avocado plantation in the Ratanakiri Province and Mondulkiri Province - the first professional Hass avocado plantation in Cambodia.
The weather conditions in Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri and the volcanic, mineral-rich soil offer great opportunities for avocado cultivation. The global avocado super food market is growing dynamically. The demand for avocados is growing particularly fast in China, which may become the world market for avocados in a few years' time.