30 Apr

The global consumption of avocado has grown steadily over the past decades and was USD 9.29 billion in 2018. The biggest markets are USA and European Union.

The demand for avocado has been increasing in China, which is directly linked to the increase in imports of avocados into the country. The avocado is one of the fastest-growing fruits in China. In 2010, China imported only 2 tons of avocado. By 2017, the number had increased to 32140 tons, with an increase of about 16 thousand times in seven years. In 2018, China imported the largest number of avocados, reaching 43860 tons, with an import value of USD 133.38 million.

China’s major import of avocados comes from Chile, Mexico, and Peru. The three countries enjoy favorable terms of trade with China. The prices of avocados from the Philippines and New Zealand are relatively high. Most of avocados are imported though Shanghai and Guangdong Customs.

The avocdo market in China has great potential to grow and China can become a biggest market for avocado.

“More people are becoming aware of the importance of eating healthy foods,” stated Miao Miao, a nutritionist at Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital. Chinese consumers are embracing a more nutritional, healthy and exotic fruit and vegetable products in larger numbers, reflected in their spending on fresh produce decisions. Today, China’s health foods market is worth more than US$144.2 billion. With growing numbers of Chinese consumers rising health awareness, taking up a healthier lifestyle, which have played a key role in driving consumers towards imported products, this market presents enormous opportunities for foreign businesses.

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